Facts. About me.

-I'm a bit OCD. For example: The left shoe goes on first, always! I have to wet my feet before I get in the shower. I sniff whatever I drink, whatever it may be. I wash my hands after I touch boxes or envelopes, anything else I don't mind. I never touch glass with visible fingerprints, and make it a habit to wash my hand after touching a computer screen or any glass surfaces. Theres more, but would you really like to know?

-I don't like the color brown or yellow. AT ALL.

-I'm left handed. If you haven't known yet.

-I got dumber through the years. I won a silver medal for chess in my freshmen year in high school, bronze for my sophomore year, and nothing at all the following years. Now I can't even play a game without losing in the first 5 minutes.

-I don't like to drive.

-I drive way too fast. I went 55 on a 35 only zone.

-I can't keep my mind on my destination. I've missed 2 exits, 3 turns and ran a red light just to get a smoothie from a store 5 blocks away form work.

-I say "something like that" or "shit like that" in almost every sentence, or something like that.

-I go over my minutes every month, but i rarely talk to anyone on my phone. I don't even answer it when someone calls me.

-I can navigate gracefully around a crowd with my face buried in my cellphone, text messaging.

-I forget things that I'm doing almost instantly. The most when someone asks me a question when I'm in the middle of it.

-Every time "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavign plays on T.V. I play a different version of the video in my head. Its where she pushes the girlfriend away to steal her boyfriend and the girlfriend gets a comeback by punching her out cold.

-I do not have a one track mind. Seriously.

-I love penguins.

-I'm scared of heights but I wouldn't mind going sky diving or going on a roller coaster if someone else is paying.

-I love chocolate. I need to have one everyday.

-My nose is always stuffy. I'm always congested.

-Shiny objects don't distract me, big titted women do.
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Photobucket users

They have changed their terms of service and privacy policy to include:

"In order for Photobucket.com to permit you to use the Services, you grant to Photobucket.com a perpetual, universal, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, license to use, copy, distribute, modify, print, display and otherwise exploit in any manner any User Content and to enable third parties to use the Services to do the same."

Meaning they can use your photos/make money off of them and not have to pay you anything.